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The Ecology Center

Welcome to The Ecology Center! What started with an old home on an empty dirt lot, is now an ecological oasis. It’s a model for how our homes can be sustainable and healthy places! Visitors can learn how to grow their own food with simple methods like raised bed gardens or more modern methods like… Read More »

Retailing & Consumer Behavior at the UW-Madison School of Human Ecology

The University of Wisconsin-Madison – a scenic campus anchored between two glacial lakes. Here, Badgers celebrate their academic excellence, incredible community, inspiring faculty, and exceptional value. Within the Big Ten campus is the School of Human Ecology—SoHE—a smaller school where faculty and advisors work closely with students students to develop their skills and interests, and… Read More »

Fun time at the fishing village [The Return of Superman/2019.06.16]

Gunhoo and Naeun are on a walk in a fishing village. Is the air nice or what? (It’s nice!) (Should I run in the clean air?) (Barking!) What? (What? What is that sound?) (Surprise guests visited their home last week.) That’s right. He made memories with puppies. – Coco and Bori. / – He thinks… Read More »

Washington Square Villages | NYU Apartment Tour

welcome to Washington Square Village our graduate student residence hall in the heart of Greenwich Village just behind Bobst library Washington Square Village is a unique community along with our graduate student residents there are also NYU faculty staff and other community members living in the four buildings that make up the hall most graduate… Read More »

DRAWING TUTORIAL – how to draw architecture in perspective (“Village”)

Welcome everyone to a little spontaneous tutorial. What you see here is a demonstrational drawing I made on a dry erase board for an art class I teach in our atelier. In this film I’m going to make it again in pencil and on that occasion we’ll repeat some perspective architecture drawing and greenery. I… Read More »

The Real National Emergency Is Climate Change: A Closer Look

-President Trump and his allies are freaking out about a Democratic plan to fight climate change. For more on this, it’s time for “A Closer Look.” [ Cheers and applause ] After Trump declared a national emergency last week to build a border wall, he got some rare pushback from members of his own party.… Read More »

Trump Undercuts His National Emergency Declaration: A Closer Look

-President Trump declared a national emergency on Friday, and then spent the rest of the weekend lashing out at critics. For more on this, it’s time for “A Closer Look.” [ Cheers and applause ] After Trump unilaterally bypassed Congress by declaring a fake national emergency to build his border wall, he spent the rest… Read More »

Community Team Update: Introducing the Community Engagement Team

My name is Sergeant Cheryl Simpkin. I work for the Metro Vancouver Transit Police. I support our Community Engagement Team. I wanted to spend a few minutes of your time to let you know what our Neighborhood Police Officers do in your community. Our partnerships with TransLink employees is very important to us. Frontline assaults… Read More »

Entering By The Narrow Gate – Homily by Archbishop William Goh (30 Oct 2019)

Will I be saved? What does it mean for me? You can know lots and lots about the Church, about God, about the faith, it doesn’t mean that you will be saved. Your connection with your family, with your past, with your history, will not bring you to Heaven. It is whether you yourself are… Read More »

Duquesne University Leadership Academy

[Music] (Blake Neiderlander) I wanted to get more experience with other people; just get a good understanding of what I can do in Pittsburgh as a community and what’s going on in Pittsburgh that I can see, or just open my eyes to new perspectives. (Tyler Schmidt) Touring Pittsburgh has really been cool. It’s a… Read More »