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[ENG SUB] Roman Catholic Church: Deliverance and Inner Healing. General confession. How to confess

Deliver me from the evil that I have done Dear boys and girls and listeners of “Radio Buon Consiglio” welcome back and Ave Maria! The last time we introduced the theme of the journey of healing and deliverance from all bad things that we have inside Things that we talked about in this series of… Read More »

Here’s the Greatest Lesson We Learned | Going There

– [Oscar] Hi, my name is Oscar, this is Alexa and we just went on a road trip all over America, having conversations with people about life’s big questions, and we’ve covered a lot. After all that, did we learn anything? Let’s get into that. ♫ Hey hey hey hey ♫ Ah ah ah ah… Read More »

AWIT NG ISANG ALAGAD.w/ Lyrics. FLORENTINE BAND. A.C.C. ( Cover)High Quality.

Panginoon ko ang buhay mong bigay ay minsan lang magdaraan sa’tin kaya bilang isang pag aalay ang buhay ko’y ihahandog sa’yo katulad ko’y marami ang tinawag mo katulad ko’y marami ang tinawag mo upang humayo’t maglingkod sa ngalan mo tanging hiling at lagi ng dasal maging mapalad sana’y tanggapin Turuan mong maging bukas palad At… Read More »