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Village food_ Jaffna odiyal kool (seafood soup in jaffna style)

Yes, we are going to make (odiyal) kool. In our aunt’s house. Come quickly, we are getting late. Yeah, in outside of house Is it under the palm tree? That place ( tent near house ) is damaged. to her husband : bring those pots Are you going to cook on this pot? No, it’s… Read More »

Day 11 – Community Service // From: Your Heart

(bell chimes) – [Narrator] I can increase satisfaction and increase my sense of purpose. Through community service, I can get out of my own head and focus on others that can benefit from my time and talents. Volunteering can come in many forms, including short term and longer term opportunities. I get to decide what… Read More »

Prospective Discipleship – Homily by Archbishop William Goh (22 Oct 2019)

We are living in the age of despair. And this is all because sin has entered the world. Because sin is a denial of the reality of the sacredness of God. The modern person today, because of secularism, pragmatism, materialism, individualism, a person has no purpose to live beyond this life. And so some people… Read More »

Valley Catholic Excellence in STEM: Nandini Naidu

I think what really sparked me on my journey to just scientific inquiry was really Valley Catholic Middle School. When I was going through Valley Catholic Middle School it was mandatory to do the science fair. It really was a great way to grow and develop your mind and to understand the scientific process. Here… Read More »

Turtle Creek Elementary – Community Service Projects

TEACHER: We put together a kindness unit. Part of the unit was doing a project where your kids would get involved in service work. So, we brainstormed as a class and I had each student vote on what they wanted to do. So we came up with three different projects. I had one group of… Read More »

Things Catholics Think While In Line For Confession

*sighs* I wonder how many rosaries I’ll have to pray THIS time… *frustrated sigh* The DMV is faster than this… If I die right now, will I go to hell?? Does this sin make my soul look fat? There’s something in here about, “the last shall be first, the shall be last!” Oh, no! I… Read More »

What is the Church?

what is the church is the church a building is the church a pastor or the staff is the church the music the tradition all the ministries these are all good things but they are not the church take them away and the church is still here why because you are still here the church… Read More »