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Plesiosaurs 101 | National Geographic

(water splashes) (ominous music) – [Narrator] Sea monsters are considered to be mythical creatures at the center of tall tales. (lighting crackling) But science tells a story of real-life monsters lurking in Earth’s prehistoric seas, monsters called plesiosaurs. Plesiosaurs were ancient marine reptiles that first appeared about 215 million years ago. They belonged in the… Read More »

Brad Paisley’s “Country Nation” | Landmarks Live in Concert | Great Performances on PBS

BRAD PAISLEY: I remember coming up with this chorus when I was writing it. It was: “We’re Mountaineers. We’re volunteers. We’re the tide that rolls. We’re Seminoles. We’re a herd of Longhorn steer.” It’s how you find you identity in your sports team. And your local team. You don’t even have to go to that… Read More »

A Spring Break of Service

[Music] Tyrrell County is probably one of the poorest counties in the whole state. We’re also a very rural community. We’re very spread out. There’s needs in health care, there’s needs related to food. There is only one nurse practitioner. There’s no physician in Tyrrell County. ‘You OK with doing one more test?’ This week… Read More »

Five disturbing things we learned from the Catholic Churchs list of 188 alleged sexual abusers in N

Five disturbing things we learned from the Catholic Churchs list of 188 alleged sexual abusers in N The list spans nearly a century. It reaches across every corner of the state. And it reveals a tangled web of abuse allegedly carried out by scores of priests, some of whom were apparently shuffled from parish to… Read More »

Give Kids a Smile Fairfax Dental Group | Community Service | Fairfax, VA Dentist

Dr. Marjun Ayati: Good morning. Today we’re at the Northern Virginia Community College, at the dental clinic, and it’s Give Kids a Smile Day. We are ready to see about 400 kids coming through this morning, we’re going to provide [inaudible 00:00:35], we’re going to do exams and ceilings, and everybody is psyched to get… Read More »

Encomienda | Wikipedia audio article

Encomienda (Spanish pronunciation: [eŋkoˈmjenda] (listen)) was a Spanish labor system that rewarded conquerors with the labor of particular groups of subject people. It was first established in Spain following the Christian recovery of their territories under Muslim rule (known as the Reconquista). And it was applied on a much larger scale during the Spanish colonization… Read More »

Why Religion Influences Politics More Now Than 50 Years Ago | Monica Duffy Toft

So religion has become more influential in global politics, and it really started taking off in the 1970s, Whereas people today, if you read contemporary newspapers and magazines and journals and stuff, you would think that it all started in the post-9/11 era—that as a result of 9/11 people started noticing or thought that’s where… Read More »

The Catholic Processional Cross and the Roman Standard

During the entrance procession, incense is carried before an acolyte who holds a long staff that bears the quintessential Christian symbol —the cross. Despite being part of the liturgy since at least the 6th century, the custom of processing while holding aloft ceremonial objects predates Christianity. Several cultures like the Egyptians, Babylonians and Greeks had… Read More »

Service Learning: Where education meets community needs

And now we’re going to switch to our next one. Has anyone had beets before? We’re going to be doing compressions on these mannequins– At EVMS, service learning is an outgrowth of who we are. To get out into our community, to get to go to the schools and speak with the citizens and people… Read More »