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OnPoint Community Credit Union | Kick start your career as a Member Service Specialist

I personally am a huge fan of the Member Service Specialists role because it’s such a great place to start because you do learn a little bit about everything. We are one large department, but we like to break it down to four mini departments. We have a group of loan officers, we have some… Read More »

Paul Ryan Gets Schooled By Catholic Nun On His Policies That Only Benefit The Rich

On Monday night, Paul Ryan held a town hall discussion in Wisconsin where he finally decided to take some questions from his constituents and tried to calm all the fears that people have over the fact that republicans are trying to take everything away from them. But there was one question from an audience member… Read More »

Are the illuminati real? – Chip Berlet

The year was 1776. In Bavaria, new ideals of rationalism, religious freedom, and universal human rights competed with the Catholic church’s heavy influence over public affairs. Across the Atlantic, a new nation staked its claim for independence on the basis of these ideas. But back in Bavaria, law professor Adam Weishaupt’s attempts to teach secular… Read More »

What Is Justice?: Crash Course Philosophy #40

Justice is one of those things that people talk about all the time, without really being specific about what they mean. Activists talk about economic justice. Police and lawyers talk about criminal justice. Parents, teachers, and students talk about justice a lot, too, though they may never use that word. When there’s a fight on… Read More »

The Third Industrial Revolution: A Radical New Sharing Economy

“The value of information does not survive the moment in which it was new. It lives only at that moment; it has to surrender to it completely and explain itself to it without losing any time.” “A story is different. It does not expend itself. It preserves and concentrates its strength and is capable of… Read More »

5 Richest Religious Organizations In The World

5 Richest Religious Organizations Do you believe in the existence of God? Well, most of you do and we want your full focus. By believing in God, people have faith that their soul is safe with God and there is something positive waiting for everyone. Religion celebrates the spirit of positivity and hope and thus… Read More »