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6 Unusual Benefits to Volunteering | #Volunteer

Volunteering makes a huge impact in the community! Volunteers are out there building houses, cleaning waterways, mentoring kids – they’re doing so much for causes that really need the help! But did you know that volunteering also has some pretty cool and some unusual benefits to the people doing it? That is the subject of… Read More »

Creative Community Service Ideas for Kids Age 5 to 12

Hey there! It can be hard to find volunteer opportunities for kids – especially kids under age 12 – but there are plenty of ways that kids can make an impact through community service and I’m going to share several of them with you today. Welcome back! For those new to my channel my name… Read More »

Give Back to Indigenous Women Who Are At-Risk for Homelessness – Canada Service Corps

I promise even if we fall, we gonna rise again every morning like the rising sun, it lies within There’s so much work to do I’m thinking where do I begin? Then, I remember that I started home, On this road to reconcile just know you’re not alone I had the tools to build in… Read More »

Learning Service: Being a Valuable Volunteer

Bring a positive attitude – it is contagious! Often the best thing you can bring with you as a volunteer is a positive ‘can-do’ attitude and a willingness to get stuck-in Photocopying? I am on it!!! Make sure you and your organization have the same expectations. If you have very different ideas about what your… Read More »

CAPT Robert Tosatto: Volunteering and Service to Your Community

Service is important for so many reasons and in so many ways for the individual, for community and for the nation. For the individual it can bring a sense of pride and accomplishment and really helping out your neighbors and your community It can also have personal benefits for your own health. Studies have found… Read More »

Teaching Teens the Value of Public Service

[Music] I believe in giving back to the community. I believe in different cultures and different generations coming together working side by side. [AARP] [Dr. Mike Weaver] [WECCAAN] [2017 WINNER OF THE ANDRUS AWARD FOR INTERGENERATIONAL EXCELLENCE] My name is Mike Weaver and I’m the lead volunteer for WECCAAN. WECCAAN is an intergenerational, intercultural activity,… Read More »

Tim McGraw – Humble & Kind (Cover) – Nadia Khristean

Guys, we are so excited because so many of you have submitted pictures and submitted footage of the services that you’ve done for refugees Now we decided to make two videos So this video is just highlighting all the service that you guys have done And this next video that’s coming out which is an… Read More »

The Center for Community Service-Learning at Cal Poly Pomona

[ Background conversation ]>>[Background conversation and music] Co-op is more than just class, it’s an experience Be the change I am a Bronco volunteer. The Center for Community Engagement at Cal Poly Pomona offers a variety of opportunities for students. From volunteering your time at a local non-profit to enrolling in service-learning or finding an… Read More »

How to Choose the Right Community Service Project – Kyung Yoon

Erik: How can one make his or her community service more impactful? Kyung: I think it’s important to define impact in your mind, you know, as you’re about to go out and say, “I want to make a difference in the world. I want to be a part of change in the world.” And I… Read More »