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Swimming in village | my village show | village comedy

Hey, nothing like that, bro. The videos will be available. We’ll upload them soon.. Bro ,Upload videos in ‘My Village show! Didn’t see one since long time! Kanth.. Won’t you make any videos? My grandson from Dubai is asking for them. He’s wondering why the uploads are not regular. Make some. Arggh! ‘Let’s swim!’ ……please…..… Read More »

Is Vietnam Beautiful? Countryside Life in Vietnamese Village 🇻🇳

That’s your house three people three, baby Hello buddy, my name is Jimmy. What’s your name? Good thing we came during rainy season Vietnam sure. It is holding up its end under rainy part So we’re actually gonna try and go out on the Meccan Delta today and See a bunch of different villages around… Read More »

Vlogmas Day 1 Pop Marvel & Primark Bauble Advent Calendar & Decorating our Disney Christmas Tree

hey guys mio supersorrell thank you very much today and i’ll happy vlogmas this is day 1 of december it’s a tradition here on YouTube that the youtubers will make like a vlog every single day in December I’m gonna try and do the same thing because we do have our advent calendar to open… Read More »

Vlog #21 | hiking ⛪ Catholic church 🏞 دخلت إلى الكنيسة 😱 اكتشف معنا جمال الطبيعة في كوريا

굿모닝 오늘은 다시 성남입니다 오늘은 장모님과 등산을 갑니다 장모님이 자주 가시는 곳입니다 장모님은 거의 매일 등산을 가신데요 오늘은 저랑 같이 가느라 평소보다 늦게 나왔습니다 그래서 장모님 가시는 등산로를 같이 가보겠습니다 오늘은 산에서 하루를 보내볼게요 몰랐는데 이 카드로 버스, 편의점, 지하철 다 사용 할 수 있대요 여기는 산성이야 전쟁이나 난이 일어났을 때 왕이 여기로 피신을 왔었어… Read More »

5 More Brilliant Catholic One-liners

random Catholic thoughts list videos and more for board laity what did Saint Ignatius of Loyola say when he came face to face with the devil himself if you know already congratulations you’re a hero feel free to stop watching this and go back to funny cat videos to everyone else brace yourself here are… Read More »

7 Brilliant Catholic One-Liners

the Holy Spirit has put countless memorable and wise statements into the mouths of Catholics over the years let’s not forget that out of those same mouths have come quick spur-of-the-moment phrases that offer surprising insight to everything from the Eucharist to joyfully living out one’s call to holiness here are seven brilliant Catholic comebacks… Read More »

Here’s the Greatest Lesson We Learned | Going There

– [Oscar] Hi, my name is Oscar, this is Alexa and we just went on a road trip all over America, having conversations with people about life’s big questions, and we’ve covered a lot. After all that, did we learn anything? Let’s get into that. ♫ Hey hey hey hey ♫ Ah ah ah ah… Read More »