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UWM Community Spotlight: Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is a really sticky, yucky, complicated idea that people just have a hard time grasping sometimes. [Heather] Domestic violence is when an individual, usually an intimate partner, exerts power and control over another partner. [Elizabeth] And there are studies that show us that domestic violence, or intimate partner abuse, starts as early as… Read More »

Christians in the Caliphate: The Islamic State

while a stencil memory kind of a smear well senator maraca timkuli Goodman here what we never actually offer bumpier they don’t really I wanna show my stance la Miran Husseini authority in Raqqa a city entirely under the control of the Islamic state armed men known as the his Barone the streets enforcing Sharia… Read More »

Catholic Focus | The Joy of Love

on Friday April 8th 2016 Pope Francis released the long-awaited post synodal exhortation the Apostolic exhortation on the family Amoris Laetitia which means the joy of love now it’s a it’s a massive document 260 pages some 300 paragraphs and so I don’t expect that many of you have already gone through it exhaustively and… Read More »