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Swimming in village | my village show | village comedy

Hey, nothing like that, bro. The videos will be available. We’ll upload them soon.. Bro ,Upload videos in ‘My Village show! Didn’t see one since long time! Kanth.. Won’t you make any videos? My grandson from Dubai is asking for them. He’s wondering why the uploads are not regular. Make some. Arggh! ‘Let’s swim!’ ……please…..… Read More »

బడి షురూ ఐతే | When School Starts | My Village Show comedy

aunt! i will go after one week please.. you will go after one week but.. when were you in this house? you were just roaming here and there and never stayed at home and you are saying that you will stay one more week since 8 days you were staying here school also started.. when… Read More »

Village Elections Part #3 | Pracharam | web series | my village show

(telling goddess durgamma’s story..) mama! morning symbols will be allotted.. i’m feeling tensed about how to do campaign for winning.. but you are praying god at home..why? i’m telling god that everything should go on smoothly chandu! praying goddess.. turns people around.. our’s will be the victory! campaigning.. what happened anil? why did you come… Read More »

Village tigers | village vinayakudu part-3 | my village show comedy

Subtitles by TEAM247 INFORMATICS [folk devotional song playing] Praise the Lord Vishnu! Praise the Lord Ganesha! -Chandu. -Yes. I heard that Anji uncle gathered some information about Donno. I guess he’s making friends with his relatives. Don’t you think so? I suspect, too. He went to the City’s hospital twice. That might be the reason.… Read More »

Village Girl | Hilarious Village Comedy | Creative Thinks

Today i can hunt 4 Pigeons 3 Squirrels 2 Herons And also i will catch 1 rabbit,when the nature is cool First i will go this side Oh my god one bird on the tree shortly we will update total subtitles

Village vinayakudu part -1 | my village show comedy

Subtitles by TEAM247 INFORMATICSAll right. This time we’re planning 30-feet Ganesh idol. I’ll take care of it. Send us the money from Dubai ASAP. Yes, the idol you asked for, made of plaster of Paris. Yeah, yeah, the oil-painted one. The one that’s so shiny and glittery. First, send us the money from Dubai. -Hey,… Read More »

village vinayakudu part -2 | chandhalu dhandhalu | my village show

Subtitles by TEAM247 INFORMATICS I still can’t believe it. What do you think, Anil? Rest in peace, Mr. Donno. Uncle. Don’t be depressed. We cannot change the fate. Don’t you feel pity for Donno? Like I said earlier, God always picks up the best people on earth. We must accept the truth. Why are you… Read More »