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Sri Lanka Safari – Yala National Park – Leopards, Elephants, Bears and More!

Well it’s an exciting day here today in Sri Lanka We’re heading out on safari at yala national park Looking for some leopards and some elephants part of the fun is looking for leopards. Yeah I don’t see anything I can see it There in the Tree Is he in the tree? It’s behind the… Read More »

The Rainbow Village | Indonesia Discoveries | World Nomads

– [Jo Voiceover] Today on Discoveries Indonesia, we’re going to explore one of the hidden gems of Semarang. And I’ll learn the inspiring story of a community who by picking up a paint brush transformed their village into a vibrant landmark. (tribal music) Welcome to the Rainbow Village. (lighthearted music) – We were in a… Read More »

Alaska’s Yukon Delta National Wildlife Refuge

Spring usually comes slowly to the Yukon Kuskokwim Delta There’s an expectancy, there’s an anticipation that you have and it just takes a few more days of warmth, a few more days of sunlight, for that life to come bursting forth. The land is going to start filling up with birds. good on ok If… Read More »

Burgundy, France: Village Life – Rick Steves’ Europe Travel Guide – Travel Bite

While monastic life in Burgundy celebrates simple austerity, Burgundian rural living celebrates simple pleasures. A great way to experience that is to rent a house in the country. Throughout France, self-catered houses which rent by the week are part of a popular lodging network called the “gites rurals.” Steve’s family owns a “gite.” They stay… Read More »

Rachel at the Ryokan | Yahiko Village

Hey guys! We’re in Yahiko village in Niigata prefecture. And we’re going to be splitting up these next two days, going to completely separate areas, Jun with the boy group, I’m with the girl group. So we’re going to head out, and let us know what you guys think! This is all-encompassing of Yahiko. Pandayaki… Read More »

Joe Biden Takes National Lead in Democratic Primary Poll

-Let’s get to the news. President Trump, this afternoon, tweeted an image of his head on Sylvester Stallone’s body from the movie poster for “Rocky III.” So he’s either trying to tell us how tough he is or he’s trying to explain his extensive brain damage. According to a new poll, former Vice President Joe… Read More »

Is Vietnam Beautiful? Countryside Life in Vietnamese Village 🇻🇳

That’s your house three people three, baby Hello buddy, my name is Jimmy. What’s your name? Good thing we came during rainy season Vietnam sure. It is holding up its end under rainy part So we’re actually gonna try and go out on the Meccan Delta today and See a bunch of different villages around… Read More »