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How is the Eucharist Not Cannibalism?

Aeres in San Antonio, Texas, listening on Guadalupe Radio. Aeres, you are on with Jim Blackburn, what’s your question? My question is, when we eat the Eucharist how are we not cannibals? Okay, Aires. Great question. Can I ask how old you are, Aeries? I am 12. 12, okay. That’s a great question, something for… Read More »

How to Explain Why Only Catholics Can Receive Communion

Conneaut, Ohio. Thanks for helping me, Chris. You heard me struggling. I appreciate it. Listening on WMIH radio, Chris, you are on with Fr. Vincent Serpa. Great. Thanks Father, thank you for being there for us. My wife was raised anti-Catholic Her parents blend evangelical, in order to justify themselves, they became anti-Catholic, and now… Read More »

Eucharist Real Presence (How To Prepare To Receive)

(gentle music) – Sometimes we call the Mass boring, impersonal, or irrelevant, because we don’t feel like we’re getting anything out of it. Now if we don’t feel like we’re getting anything out of it, we have to ask the question, what are we putting into it? Have we prepared ourself to receive Jesus’ body,… Read More »

The Power of #Catholic #Spiritual Practices and #Sacraments

Have you ever been in a situation where you were really upset about something but up until a certain point you were able to keep those emotions under control and then you have a conversation with somebody and they ask you how you are doing and then you admit that you’re having a really tough… Read More »