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Rachel at the Ryokan | Yahiko Village

Hey guys! We’re in Yahiko village in Niigata prefecture. And we’re going to be splitting up these next two days, going to completely separate areas, Jun with the boy group, I’m with the girl group. So we’re going to head out, and let us know what you guys think! This is all-encompassing of Yahiko. Pandayaki… Read More »

Solemn High Nuptial Mass: Procession and Sacrament of Holy Matrimony

[ Chanted by the choir, ♪ Atténde Dómine ♪ ] [ The Clergy process in. ] [ The Organist plays ♪ Canon in D Major ♪ ] [ people sit ] [ The Mother of the Bride processes in. ] [ The Parents of the Groom enter. ] [ Jr. Bridesmaid and Jr. Groomsman enter.… Read More »

Patoleo | Turmeric leaf cakes | Feast of the Assumption of Mary | Goan cuisine | Cooking Addiction.

1/2 Kg Goan red rice (Soaked overnight)

Pittsburgh’s Heart Still Beats Catholic – SSPX Renovates Historic St James

Pittsburgh is a city rooted in tradition. Settled before the American Revolution, it has played an integral part in our nation’s history. From the military battles that defined the area, to its melting pot of immigrant workers, Pittsburgh’s heart has always been Catholic. The first Mass was celebrated in 1749 by a chaplain with an… Read More »