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Batman’s Village of Fools: Gotham, England

I’ve got a story for you that stretches over 700 years, and the best way to start it is with a 16th century joke: “a man did ride to the market with two bushels of wheat”. But because his horse shouldn’t carry a heavy load, he carried the wheat on his own neck, but still… Read More »

Is Somaliland an Independent Nation?

In 1991, a country was born of blood. It was built from the rubble of what many consider to be Africa’s worst civil war. Driven from a genocide the entire world ignored. It has three and a half million citizens. And its expats live in almost every major nation on Earth. And yet, I wouldn’t… Read More »

The Pyramid Scheme that Collapsed a Nation

In architecture, pyramids are famed for their sturdiness. They’ve lasted for thousands of years despite overgrown jungles and blasting desert sands ripping at their foundations. They’re about as indestructible as our buildings get. But as businesses? Not so much. A pyramid scheme beings to collapse the moment it’s begun. Because it’s not really a pyramid.… Read More »

Power, Politics and Pragmatism: The British National Grid

Here, below London, 32km of new tunnels are nearly finished. But these aren’t for people: they’re for power. Cables carrying 400,000 volts will run through here, supporting the city as it keeps growing and keeps demanding more and more electricity. This project cost a billion pounds, all to keep the lights on. So how did… Read More »

Should Malta Be Catholic?

Should Malta be Catholic? On our first night in Gozo we went out for a pizza. And an old man was feeling chatty at the table next to us. As per usual, we asked him if you were in charge of our series what would you say about your island. And then after he learned… Read More »

Your New Social Credit Score

TOM: This is a YouTube video from a future. Not the future. Just a future. NARRATOR: From January, every citizen of England and Wales will have a new social credit score. Government and private companies may use your social credit score to make decisions about you. For example, your score could affect the deposit you’re… Read More »