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Natural Law Theory: Crash Course Philosophy #34

Thomas Aquinas was no dummy. Remember him? The Italian fella? Christian monk? Philosophical superstar of the 13th century? Aquinas thought morality was important for everyone, and that being a good person was a vital part of God’s plan for each of us. But he knew that not everyone had been exposed to the Bible, or… Read More »

The Jesus Prayer Might Radically Change Your Prayer Life

G’day, my name is Matt Fradd and this is Ascension Presents. By the way you may have noticed that I’m in a different place, right? That’s my house now. I was in my office last time and we’ve just moved the camera to my house and that’s why it looks different. Maybe you were looking… Read More »

5 More Brilliant Catholic One-liners

random Catholic thoughts list videos and more for board laity what did Saint Ignatius of Loyola say when he came face to face with the devil himself if you know already congratulations you’re a hero feel free to stop watching this and go back to funny cat videos to everyone else brace yourself here are… Read More »

St. Thomas Aquinas’s Five Ways as a Path Back to Catholicism

Let’s go to Bruno in St. Louis Missouri listening on 88.1, and I’m fairly certain Bruno will have to come back to get the answer to your question, so why don’t you give your question to Tim and then we’ll take the break and return for the answer. Thank you for taking my call. I… Read More »

“CATHOLICISM: The Pivotal Players” – Extended Trailer

over the course of Catholic history there lived people who are so influential so pioneering that it’s hard to imagine what the church would look like without them through their words and actions they have not only shaped Catholicism but have challenged the status quo an advanced civilization they are the pivotal players there are… Read More »