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Village paddy farming | my village show sankranti special comedy

Subtitles by TEAM247 INFORMATICS Chandu, nowadays you’re reading English magazines, what’s up? Nothing much. To improve my English, my professor advised me to read English magazines. But it’s too difficult. Be smart, man. Install U-Dictionary app. You have camera scanning feature in this. Scan the word with the camera and you get the meaning in… Read More »

noc19-bt09-Wildlife Ecology-Introduction

Namaste. We are the Marine National Park in Jamnagar, Gujarat. And if you look around you will see a number of non-living things in this environment. So we have this area full of water, we have rocks, we have sand underneath, we have air around us and we have this beautiful sunshine. Now all these… Read More »

సంక్రాంతి కాట్రేగుల పండుగ | My Village Show Comedy

Idiot! You aren’t rolling the thread fast. Look, our kite is not flying high. Oh no! It has fallen down. That’s why I said not to buy kites, they won’t fly high. Cut their kite. Yes! Hey, Fly it higher. My eyes are burning due to the sun. -No problem, fly it high. Come on,… Read More »

Gangavva Smartphone Shopping | Guna 369 Promotion | My Village Show comedy

Chandu! Hey Chandu! Chandu! Why are you not answering? Why are you beating? If the phone slips down, will your father buy for me? Does your phone has any horns? Why are you watching it like this… like this… from different angles? Horns? Do you think this is an ordinary phone like yours? This is… Read More »

Village Elders react to on the set of baahubali VR experience | virtual reality

oh! what is this crowd..! or public..! oh..so many people are watching.. thank you..thank you so much rajamouli sir and rana sir..!! i have never expected that my video becomes viral so thank you so much sir so we thought that if we will get 200 likes for our video we will do another virtual… Read More »

10: Creating a Nation

SUSAN CARLAND: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people should be aware that this series may contain images, voices or names of deceased persons. [Music] BRUCE SCATES: This episode, ‘Creating a Nation’, is part of the series that examines the concept of nation. It begins with the inauguration of the Australian Commonwealth in Sydney and examines… Read More »

Sammakka Saralamma Jathara ku Pothe | Medaram | My Village show Movie

Raju! Hey, Raju! -What? It has been 2 years I have tied the Mudupu for Sammakka and Sarakka. We have to go and offer it. Really? Has it been 2 years? Still, I won’t come. Last time you embarrassed me a lot So I won’t come. You shouldn’t say I won’t come. Say sorry. Pray… Read More »

KZ Tandingan, Jaya – Feeling Good!! (REACTION) | KZ Tandingan & Jaya | Drew Nation

welcome back to our YouTube channel and welcome in to the reaction room with mommy Drew tonight. Tonight guys I am going to be doing an awesome reaction how do I know this is going to be an awesome reaction before I get into let me tell you guys this if you’re new to a… Read More »