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Plesiosaurs 101 | National Geographic

(water splashes) (ominous music) – [Narrator] Sea monsters are considered to be mythical creatures at the center of tall tales. (lighting crackling) But science tells a story of real-life monsters lurking in Earth’s prehistoric seas, monsters called plesiosaurs. Plesiosaurs were ancient marine reptiles that first appeared about 215 million years ago. They belonged in the… Read More »

The Pyramid Scheme that Collapsed a Nation

In architecture, pyramids are famed for their sturdiness. They’ve lasted for thousands of years despite overgrown jungles and blasting desert sands ripping at their foundations. They’re about as indestructible as our buildings get. But as businesses? Not so much. A pyramid scheme beings to collapse the moment it’s begun. Because it’s not really a pyramid.… Read More »

Formation of the Laity

About 98% of the Church comprises of the laity. Everything that is said about the Church in Vatican II is said equally to laity, religious and clergy (Lumen Gentium 30). All the baptised in their own way participate in the priestly, prophetic and kingly office of Christ (LG 30). Unlike clergy and religious who may… Read More »

Erste Group | What does Social Banking mean to us (Update Nov. 2019)

Exactly 200 years ago, a revolutionary idea was born by the founding fathers of today’s Erste Group: Everyone should get a chance to build up prosperity. Regardless of their social status, age, or gender. It’s in our DNA: We believe in all people. We also believe in those in whom others don’t. Our clients are… Read More »

US Service Members Recognized for Community Service

Reporter: It’s a significant accomplishment for service members to be awarded by their host nation. Sailors and Airmen from around the Kanto Plain were given Zenko-Kai Awards by the Japanese Government for their community involvement. Col John Winkler: Just a privilege to be able to see our Airmen and Sailors up on that stage today… Read More »

2019 Program of the Year – HealthNet Aeromedical Services

The Program of the Year Award, sponsored by Airbus, recognizes an emergency medical program that has demonstrated a superior level of patient care, management prowess, and quality leadership through visionary and innovative approaches, customer service, safety consciousness, community service and commitment to the medical transport community as a whole. It is with great pleasure to… Read More »

Half of Rotorua offenders breached their community service sentence

Figures released by the Ministry of Justice show that nearly half of those sentenced to community work in Rotorua have breached their sentence. Of the 900 plus sentenced to community work in the past year, 452 breached their sentences. Louis Te Kani of Moana Law says there are many issues with regard to why this… Read More »

Better Opportunities for Single Soldiers 60 sec promo

Single Soldiers make up a large portion of our force. Better Opportunities for Single Soldiers is an Army program you find it installations worldwide. It was created in 1989 to address the needs of the single soldier specifically, helps them maintain the balance life, gives them a voice in their profession, and develops important leadership… Read More »