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How Do You Become A Saint?

Two famed Palestinian nuns were recently declared saints by Pope Francis in Rome. So, how does one become a saint? Manbeing a role model, renouncing material possessions and, above all, being devoted to y religions have saints, and across the board they usually show similar characteristics – like God. But Roman Catholicism in particular has… Read More »

“The Roman Catholic Inquisition” (Baptist KJV Bible Preaching)

The part of Hebrews 11 that I want to start in is beginning in verse number 35. The Bible reads in Hebrews 11:35, “Women received their dead raised to life again: and others were tortured, not accepting deliverance; that they might obtain a better resurrection: And others had trial of cruel mockings and scourgings, yea,… Read More »

Captain Ghetto Disses Pope Francis & The Roman Catholic Church! Hip Hop News!

it’s your boy captain ghetto it huh me hit for the girl and everybody in the hood then I’m headed Lech I know fuck the Pope and a Roman Catholic Church fuck fuck Francis doc you all better coming up them out of the gate we know what’s going on you could covering up in… Read More »

“To the Romans” (Anti-Catholic Sermon with Swedish Subtitles)

title of my sermon tonight is to the Romans to the Romans and I hope everybody brought their Bible to church tonight you should always bring your Bible to church so that you can follow along if you don’t have a Bible we do have Bibles on the bookshelf back there and a big stack… Read More »

DC Goon Exposes Pope Francis & The Roman Catholic Church!

was goody his young field DC we watching GTV man seems to be I’m C Street the ghetto is G you know upon you to and that’s the Lu Chu Chu ji for watching GTV with a digital gun cock and if this is your first time watching GTV if you were to cheat hit… Read More »

Is the pope head of the world’s most powerful government? | The Economist

This is the world’s smallest country. The Vatican City State is less than half a square kilometer in size and home to around 800 people, one of whom is the Pope. The Pontiff is not only the head of state, but is also head of the government of the Catholic Church, known as the Holy… Read More »

Pope Francis: The Controversial Catholic Leader | NowThis World

Pope Francis is facing bombshell allegations that have put the papacy directly in the crosshairs of a potential scandal. But the Pope isn’t new to being at the center of a controversies. I’m Judah with NowThis World and in today’s episode, we’re going to explore some of the controversies of Pope Francis’ past, and the… Read More »

The Catholic Church Is Losing its Mothers

My parents raised me in the Catholic Church to protect me from certain dangers in the culture. But the danger I had to protect my own children from was the Church. If a Church isn’t safe for children, a religion can’t thrive. The Pennsylvania grand jury report describes the torture of children over many decades.… Read More »