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Top 10 Strange Facts About The Nuns!

10 Things You Didn’t Know About The Life Of Nuns Hey people, have you watched the movie, The Nun? The sinister sister from The Conjuring 2 was so chilling, she’s back with her very own spin-off prequel in the name of The Nun. A medieval demon appears in the form of a nun, haunts an… Read More »

‘The Nun’ Cast on Prepping for the Film’s Catholic Influences

– And whatever happens, whatever you may see or hear, keep your eyes forward, and don’t stop praying. (intense orchestra music) (woman gasping) (upbeat music) – You know, when you’re playing such a specific character, you wanna provide authenticity. I really wanted to know, what it took to become a nun. I knew it was,… Read More »

Why Are NUNS Creepy? | Darkology #18

In the horror genre, there are many entities that can give a good scare. So far in Darkology, we’ve explored the psychology behind what makes old people, children, clowns, silent films and even bugs so terrifying. And in this episode, we’ll be visiting a holier side and exploring the deeper workings of what makes nuns… Read More »