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EPIC NERF Battle đź’Ą Official Episode 1 | The NERF Nation Show w/ Zach King

George H.W. Bush’s funeral service in D.C.

Our Hilltop: St. Edward’s University

There’s something cool about the Hilltop, I felt it when I first came here four years ago. But, now as a student at St. Edward’s I still feel it and honestly I probably always will. What attracted me the most to say St. Edward’s is our strong sense of tradition and purpose you know even… Read More »

HIV Crisis on the Texas-Mexico Border

let’s go back to the day that you found out what’s the first thing that went through your mind am I gonna die I I really thought I was gonna die growing up no one ever mentioned HIV to me like it wasn’t in the schools it wasn’t the conversation held at home like I… Read More »

Texas A&M University-San Antonio Mays Center Community Service

Service is important to the learning experience because all students should not only know what’s happening in the classroom but also what’s happening in their community and how to give back and why that’s important. Choose.Act.Impact day of service is important to the campus and to the community. For one, it’s a learning opportunity for… Read More »

Community Service Makes Healthy Kids, Healthy Families

[MUSIC PLAYING} BERT: Healthy Kids Healthy Families began in 2011 as a three year program to impact a million kids. It’s been so successful that now I’m really proud to tell you, it’s part of our core programs. BRIAN: Lots of corporate groups including Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas come here to volunteer… Read More »

Texas Catholic dioceses reveal names of nearly 300 clergy accused of child abuse

Texas Catholic dioceses reveal names of nearly 300 clergy accused of child abuse At least 298 clergy members across the state have faced “credible abuse” allegations going back to the 1940s, the lists compiled by the 15 Texas dioceses show. The dioceses publicly identified the clergy members on Thursday. Texas leaders and the Ordinariate of… Read More »

San Antonio, Texas | Wikipedia audio article

San Antonio (; from Spanish, “Saint Anthony”), officially the City of San Antonio, is the seventh-most populous city in the United States, and the second-most populous city in both Texas and the Southern United States, with more than 1.5 million residents. Founded as a Spanish mission and colonial outpost in 1718, the city became the… Read More »