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How Powerful Is The Mormon Church?

Mormons. We know the name thanks to high profile members like Mitt Romney and a popular broadway musical, but according to a recent survey, most Americans don’t know much about them. In fact, critics suggested that voters didn’t allie with Romney in 2012 because they were suspicious of the Mormon faith. So who exactly are… Read More »

Antichrist Timeline 70 Weeks — Full version

The Seventy Weeks “End Times–Antichrist” Prophecy in the Book of Daniel Good afternoon everyone! It’s been over a year since I’ve added an episode to the series “Mary Unveils the Apocalypse.” It’s still on my list to add conferences on the seven trumpets and the two cities. I want to speak of the Book of… Read More »

Are Mormons and Catholics Christians? – Tim Conway

As you are all well aware, there are only really two religions on the face of this earth. (Aside) Don’t you have a shirt that says Christianity is not a religion? Religion in years past was not the negative and derogatory term that it is today, so I almost hesitate to call Christianity [that]. But… Read More »

5 Richest Religious Organizations In The World

5 Richest Religious Organizations Do you believe in the existence of God? Well, most of you do and we want your full focus. By believing in God, people have faith that their soul is safe with God and there is something positive waiting for everyone. Religion celebrates the spirit of positivity and hope and thus… Read More »