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MLK Day of Service | January 20, 2020 | A Day ON, Not A Day Off | Juniata College

– Greetings, Juniata. It’s great to be with you today. I want to remind you of a date coming up next semester, January 20, 2020. In celebration of our Martin Luther King Day, here on campus, we are gonna be having a day off of classes, but hopefully not a day off of everything else.… Read More »

Carrie Nation Smashes Saloons to Smithereens (feat. Amber Ruffin & Vanessa Bayer) – Drunk History

– Hello, I’m Amber Ruffin, and today, we’re gonna talk about the saloon smasher.– Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.– [hiccups] Our story starts in Kansas!Carrie Nation married a man,but he dies of alcoholism. So, in 1900,she prayed for God to tell her what to do.Jesus, let me know what I can doto stop people from drinking.God said to… Read More »

Gilgit Baltistan organic village People Lifestyle Skardu

Gilgit Baltistan people Beautiful Baltistan

A Super(numerary) Story | A Kennedy Center Digital Stage Original

(upbeat music) – I’m here to audition for the Kennedy Center Nutcracker with Ballet West and I’m super excited. – [All] We’re auditioning for the Nutcracker. – Ballet, it’s a starter for all types of dance. – My favorite part about ballet dancing is it’s fun, you get to make new friends from other schools.… Read More »

Driving to Serve: Planned Parenthood’s doors are always open

Imperial County has the 3rd largest teen birth rates in the state of California. One of the issues in Imperial County is that we do have a shortage of providers. So in order to provide services in Imperial County at our Planned Parenthood clinic, we actually have clinicians commuting from different counties. Having Planned Parenthood… Read More »

CATHOLIC REACTS TO A Muslim Gifted with Cancer – Very Emotional & True Story

Whaatwaa family welcome back to the channel man it’s your boy Mr. Whaatwaa today today today, man We have a very serious video today. Okay guys, so I don’t want us to be too much. You know you know Playful right now the title of the video is called gifted with cancer emotional and true… Read More »

I Took Revenge On My Girlfriend (By Revealing Her Secret To Everyone)

– A few weeks ago, my life was shaken by this one incident and people are still talking about it. Almost everyone says that I did a horrible thing, and I genuinely don’t know if what I did was right. But let’s start from the beginning. You see, I was never a popular guy. But… Read More »

CATHOLIC REACTS TO The Battle Against Dajjal (The False Messiah)

What our family welcome back to the channel we should find mr. What want to thank take the payment by the get into this video? It’s called the battle against the job the false messiah t man Let’s get into an hour remember this your first time on the channel make sure you go ahead… Read More »

PBS Hawaii – HIKI NŌ Episode 619 | Maui Waena Middle School | Community Service

[PLANE] [INDISTINCT SHOUTING] On March 24, 2015, twenty-four students from Maui Waena Intermediate School began their journey to Student Television Network’s annual convention held this year in San Diego, California. The students were excited about seeing the zoo and playing in the snow, but this year, the students decided that they wanted to do something… Read More »