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1962 Roman Catholic Daily Missal – Angelus Press

The 1962 Missal is a fundamental necessity for any Catholic serious about their Faith. Of the few missals available, we’ll be looking at the Angelus Press missal and it’s layout today. To start, the Ordinary of the Mass can be found in the center of the missal here. The Mass being divided into the Mass… Read More »

Five New Subdeacons in United States – FSSPX.news

On Saturday, March 17th, 2018, His Excellency Alfonso de Galarreta conferred the first of the Major Orders, the Subdiaconate, on 5 seminarians. The ceremony took place in the new North American seminary of the Society of St. Pius X located in Dillwyn Virginia. This particular ordination to the subdiaconate is one that stands in stark… Read More »

Should Catholics Attend the New Mass? – Part I or II – Episode 14 – SSPX FAQ Series

Many Catholics wonder if they should attend the New Mass, especially to fulfill their Sunday Obligation. In these videos, we’re going to show: 1) what the Sunday Obligation is and its limits and then 2) why Catholics are not obliged to attend the New Mass and should even avoid it. First we must understand what… Read More »

2018 Conference for Catholic Tradition – Angelus Press – SSPX

Angelus Press is proud to announce the 9th Annual Conference for Catholic Tradition – the official conference of the Society of St. Pius X in North America. This three-day-weekend October-getaway is hosted at the Hilton in North Kansas City. The conference focuses on applying Catholic teaching to the most interesting and important issues of our… Read More »

I had a terrifying dream, and saw nearly all Catholics were plunging into HELL? A Saint told me why.

Jesus Christ, the Perfect Lamb of God Jesus Christ, our Savior and God Jesus Christ, our future Judge Jesus Christ, our Eternal High Priest Jesus Christ, the Alpha and Omega Bishop St Ignatious of Antioch first used the word “Catholic” as speaking of the authority of the Church, founded by Jesus Christ.

Should Catholics Attend the New Mass? – Part II of II – Episode 15 SSPX FAQ Videos

As we examined in our previous video, “What is the Novus Ordo Missae?” The New Mass was created after Vatican II, under the influence of Fr. Annibale Bugnini and Pope Paul VI, both of whom wanted a liturgy that was ecumenical and would not be a “stumbling block” to Protestants. This goal was accomplished with… Read More »

Catholic Mass Facing East vs Facing the People

Many ancient cultures believed east to be the direction of new life… ..several temples and monuments were built to face the rising sun Jewish tradition also revered the cardinal direction. Man’s first home, Eden, was situated in the east. The tents used by the tribe of Judah during the desert wanderings were oriented eastward as… Read More »

Is an SSPX Mass Valid for Our Sunday Obligation?

Olga Marie, on Facebook Live, asks the following question: “Can we go to SSPX mass and be valid for our Sunday obligation?” Right, well, because of their irregular status–although I don’t know if our inquirer is aware that there’s been more good news concerning movement toward full communion today; as many of our listeners know,… Read More »

Pittsburgh’s Heart Still Beats Catholic – SSPX Renovates Historic St James

Pittsburgh is a city rooted in tradition. Settled before the American Revolution, it has played an integral part in our nation’s history. From the military battles that defined the area, to its melting pot of immigrant workers, Pittsburgh’s heart has always been Catholic. The first Mass was celebrated in 1749 by a chaplain with an… Read More »

The Truth About The Crisis In The Catholic Church

there’s been an explosion within the church in these past few months we can witness to the investigations done in the state of Pennsylvania in which there are supposedly over 300 cases of priests that have have been abusive to to minors we can see also the explosion around the person of Cardinal McCarrick and… Read More »