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Sri Lanka Safari – Yala National Park – Leopards, Elephants, Bears and More!

Well it’s an exciting day here today in Sri Lanka We’re heading out on safari at yala national park Looking for some leopards and some elephants part of the fun is looking for leopards. Yeah I don’t see anything I can see it There in the Tree Is he in the tree? It’s behind the… Read More »

No Mass for Sri Lanka’s Catholics; veils for Muslim women banned

still shaping after the Easter Sunday attack in Sri Lanka the country is banning face coverings like the burqa and Catholics avoid a church on Sunday amid fears over new attacks the closing of all of Sri Lanka’s Catholic churches came after local officials and the US Embassy in Colombo warned that more militants remained… Read More »

News Wrap: Catholic clergy in Sri Lanka demand crackdown on Islamic extremists

JUDY WOODRUFF: The FBI now says that its agents got a tip before Saturday’s attack on a synagogue near San Diego, but it came too late. The bureau says it learned of a threatening social media post only minutes before a gunman killed one person and wounded three. Separately, another California man was arrested Friday,… Read More »