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Married priests question raises fears of Church split

Married priests question raises fears of Church split Vatican City AFP An idea to fill empty pulpits in remote locations by allowing married men to become priests is bitterly dividing a Vatican assembly, with critics warning the emotive issue could fracture the Catholic Church. The hot button topic of whether an exception can be made… Read More »

Croatian Catholic Albanian Arbanese in Zadar Croatia-englisch subtitles

Through the country of the Arbanasi I was born in the country of Arbanasi from an Arbanasi mother and father My first language was Arbanasi and it is the language of my ancestors We knew back in the day, the Arbanasi went to the city and who wanted to provoke them, did If someone in… Read More »

Why Ireland split into the Republic of Ireland & Northern Ireland

This is the island of Ireland. The island is politically split between the Republic of Ireland an independent country, and Northern Ireland, which, together with Scotland, England and Wales, form the United Kingdom. But why exactly is the island split? And when did it happen? To fully understand the situation, we need to go all… Read More »