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The Rosary | Catholic Central

(background chatter) (metal detector beeping) SECURITY LIBBY: Sir, I’m gonna need to search you. You have something with a suspicious shape in your pocket. PASSENGER KAI: Oh, you mean my weapon. SECURITY LIBBY: Whoa! slowly sir! KAI: No, no, no it’s a spiritual weapon. (upbeat guitar and piano music) LIBBY: Hi! I’m Libby. KAI: And… Read More »

Strange Fire Q&A: Answering the Critics (Selected Scriptures)

PHIL: It turns out that some of our Charismatic friends and brothers are not happy with you and… JOHN: This is true. PHIL: They’ve been writing a flood of criticisms and complaints and questions about the conference and your book and I’ve collected some of those and I want to ask them to you tonight.… Read More »

Make Church Architecture Great Again

Beauty’s in the eye of the beholder. This phrase gets repeated so frequently and with such a high degree of certainty that it’s almost impossible to deny, but when I hear Christians sincerely repeat this phrase, I throw up… in my soul… just a little bit. The premise for that belief is that we all… Read More »

Are Catholics and Christians Better Than Everyone Else?

I’m willing to bet that for most people that fall away from Christianity or their church it’s because they become fed up with the behavior of other Christians. If you’ve ever felt that way or been tempted to feel that way or just have a tough time reconciling the dysfunction that you perceive in your… Read More »

Christ Centered Conversations: Pokémon and Catholicism?!

Hi everyone! Welcome to another session of Christ Centered Conversations! And we’re doing it here in Crossings Cafe! So, today I’ll be talking about an article that I wrote about Pokemon! *cue Pokemon theme* Ok! I don’t know but it was something that I really liked in my childhood and even now! *cue Pokemon geek… Read More »

Making a Good Confession

Let’s talk about confession and why you need it, Jack! Here’s why you need confession, Jack! … and Jill and Jane and Jimmy. OK Hi, my name’s Father Mike Schmitz and this is Ascension Presents. So one of the things I love to do as a Catholic priest, is I love, I love hearing confessions,… Read More »

Bishop Barron on Whether Hell is Crowded or Empty

Rob Bell is a evangelist and pastor a leader in this emerging church movement he just wrote a book called Love Wins and it’s a it’s a book about eternal life and he stakes out a more or less Universalist position meaning everyone gets saved so in the end everyone gets to heaven and it’s… Read More »

What it Means to be Catholic

Have you ever tried to teach someone something and notice that while they’re in that learning stage they have this tendency to try to jump ahead or even compensate for their weaknesses. Like, when I was learning to play the guitar my teacher had to keep correcting these little things that I was neglecting like… Read More »

Why I Am Catholic

I’m Catholic for more reasons than i can describe in a short video so I’ll summarize it with this: I’m Catholic because I believe it’s true. Now I realize that making exclusive claims of truth like that is kind of politically incorrect but considering that correct political thinking was most enthusiastically endorsed by history’s most… Read More »

Love, Service, and Living Your Truth with Danielle LaPorte

– Hey everybody what’s up! It’s Chase, welcome to another episode of the Chase Jarvis Live Show here on Creative Live. You all know this show or I hope you do by now. This is a show where I sit down with amazing humans and I do everything I can to unpack their brains with… Read More »