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Baha’i Faith – Principles and Practices

– If you’ve ever felt that religion should undergo the same scrutiny as everything else does. – Or notice that sometimes, science and religion point to the same truth. – Or thought the political system seem to divide people more than they unite them. – Then you might be interested in learning more about the… Read More »

Welcome to the Princeton University Chapel

[Birds chirping] REV. ALISON BODEN: The Princeton University Chapel is one of the icons of Princeton University. It was built in the 1920s not long after the First World War. The president then, President Hibben, and the leadership of the university said, “We’re gonna build a wonderful large chapel as a testimonial to our belief… Read More »

Spiritual Bypassing – Teal Swan

Spiritual Bypassing is the cancer of the spiritual world. It’s a disease that has run rampant in both religious and non-religious circles. Spiritual Bypassing is the act of using spiritual beliefs to avoid your un-met needs, deep pain and unresolved wounds. Spiritual Bypassing is a form of avoidance. Because it’s a form of avoidance, it’s… Read More »

What is Vanatru?

Hello everyone, how are you? I’m Arith Härger and today I’m going to talk about Vanatrú Surprisingly this was one of the most asked videos this year And here we are finally and I think October is a perfectly good month to talk about Vanatrú now here’s the thing, Vanatrú is a neo-pagan branch within… Read More »

The Valley Catholic Faith Experience

I think one thing that separates a Valiant from other people is the ability to delve into the spiritual life. I’ve been given the opportunity to worship with fellow classmates, go on retreats, and through those activities I think I’ve been able to connect on my classmates to a deeper level. The best part about… Read More »

Has the Roman Catholic Church stepped over the line in defining how Mary mediates?

>>Dr. John Ankerberg:Let me ask you, do you think that Catholicism has stepped over the line in defining how Mary mediates, and it cannot be justified by saying other Christians are asked to proclaim the gospel and pray for their friends? Her role of mediation is completely different than ours? If there is any doubt… Read More »

Why do Catholics call Mary “the Mother of God”? In what sense is Mary “full of grace”?

>>Dr. John Ankerberg:why did these new ideas about Mary develop? What is the reasoning behind these new views? Let’s examine the first one: “Mary is the Mother of God.” Every Catholic knows that at the heart of Catholic liturgy is the “Ave Maria” or the so-called “Hail, Mary.” Even if you’re not Catholic, you’re probably… Read More »