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தனிமையாய் இருக்கிறீர்களா? இதோ ஆண்டவரின் வாக்கு St Michael’s Church Sharjah |Tamil community | Dubai

My dear brothers and sisters in Christ, A lot of individuals are telling that they are alone in this world They feel that there is nobody for them In particular these people starts feeling that they are directionless feels like orphans. Specifically the elderly, those who attain old age at our homes are coming to… Read More »

CATHOLIC REACTS TO Zain Ramadan 2018 Commercial – سيدي الرئيس

what’s what then walk back to the gentleman is your boy mr. will trot in today today to do your age check this out yeah we got a video called Jose rumba done 2018 commercial man let’s get to it I remember just your first time on the channel and do you know already subscribe… Read More »

Is Music Worship?

For this morning, I thought it might be helpful to us to just take a look at what the Bible says about music in the church, since this is the Lord’s Day that we are sort of inaugurating our new hymnal. I wanted to give you a refreshed perspective on music and the role that… Read More »

AWIT NG ISANG ALAGAD.w/ Lyrics. FLORENTINE BAND. A.C.C. ( Cover)High Quality.

Panginoon ko ang buhay mong bigay ay minsan lang magdaraan sa’tin kaya bilang isang pag aalay ang buhay ko’y ihahandog sa’yo katulad ko’y marami ang tinawag mo katulad ko’y marami ang tinawag mo upang humayo’t maglingkod sa ngalan mo tanging hiling at lagi ng dasal maging mapalad sana’y tanggapin Turuan mong maging bukas palad At… Read More »