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Gun Nation

(boom) – [Narrator] That image was quite controversial to a lot of people. Some people saw it as irresponsible. Some people saw it as dangerous, threatening. Whereas other people, including you, saw it as a symbol of something very different. What was it to you? – Powerful. Protecting. That it’s my freedom. – [Narrator] But… Read More »

NCORE Webinar Series – August 2019 – The Struggle is Too Real

Good afternoon, everyone. Thank you for joining us. Thank you so much for joining the Southwest center for human relations Studies at the University of Oklahoma for the for this year’s and this new seasons installment of our monthly webinar series. I’m Asian us communications and project manager and we are excited about the Season… Read More »

Togetherhood™ – Community-led Service at the Y [full version]

Think for a moment, and just imagine your community. What other place exists in your community where everyone is really welcome, and where everyone feels welcome too? The Y engages nine million youth and 13 million adults across the varied landscape of humanity. All of our communities have incredible challenges that not government, nor business,… Read More »

Covington Catholic High School, SJWs Sabotage Aussie Fish-n-Chip Shop?

*theme music* Hello and welcome to This Week In Social Justice I’m Daisy Cousens and I’ll be discussing all the biggest and baddest social justice fails of the past seven days. This week we have the Covington Catholic school boys and the major media blunder, the Australian fish-and-chip shop which is being forced to close… Read More »

Social Justice at Brandeis

♫ Background music ♫ Brandeis students want to go out and change the world, and they want to do it tomorrow. In fact, maybe last night. Study abroad, social justice…They’re deeply engage in issues around the world. It’s a very vibrant community of people. Brandeis made me a person who’s willing to listen to other… Read More »