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The Mexican Mormon War (Drug Cartels vs. Mormons Full Length)

MITT ROMNEY: Drug trafficking. That’s one more of those areas of concern. It’s time for the United States of America to take responsibility for the pain and suffering and torture and murder that’s going on throughout Latin America. SHANE SMITH: Maybe one of the reasons that Mitt Romney is so concerned with the drug wars… Read More »

How Powerful Is The Mormon Church?

Mormons. We know the name thanks to high profile members like Mitt Romney and a popular broadway musical, but according to a recent survey, most Americans don’t know much about them. In fact, critics suggested that voters didn’t allie with Romney in 2012 because they were suspicious of the Mormon faith. So who exactly are… Read More »

Mattis strikes back at Trump at NY Archdioceses annual Al Smith dinner

Mattis strikes back at Trump at NY Archdioceses annual Al Smith dinner New York Daily News Ex Trump administration defense secretary and retired Marine Corps general Jim Mattis had kept quiet about his former commander in chief — but he couldnt bear staying silent over President Trumps comment that he is the worlds most overrated… Read More »

Driver who killed cyclist sentenced to probation, community service

a woman convicted of hitting and killing a cyclist in Edna Valley two years ago will not spend any time in jail Lisa Smith pleaded no contest to misdemeanor vehicular manslaughter in June she hit and killed world-class triathlete Bridget Dawson on highway 227 in 2016 investigators say Smith was on her phone before the… Read More »

Are Mormons and Catholics Christians? – Tim Conway

As you are all well aware, there are only really two religions on the face of this earth. (Aside) Don’t you have a shirt that says Christianity is not a religion? Religion in years past was not the negative and derogatory term that it is today, so I almost hesitate to call Christianity [that]. But… Read More »