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Saint Louis University Esports Team

Esports is competitive gaming. It encompasses multiple different games and basically it’s kind of like a spectator sport where you just watch your favorite gamers play at the top level. Esports has grown to the point where the organizations that are hosting them, they’re businesses basically, so there are so many job opportunities in there;… Read More »

Saint Louis University Brewing Science and Operations Certificate

What really goes into a beautiful glass of beer, it’s science, it’s nature, it’s a little bit of art. Here at Saint Louis U with the brewing science and operations program, we’re really trying to take the St. Louis brewing community, the tradition and then a flourishing beer community, put it all into the course.… Read More »

What Does Inclusion Mean to You?

For me, inclusion personally really is about creating a world where the kinds of relationships that can happen between people are full and varied. My parents are both black and were both born in the era of the Great Depression in segregated Alabama. So for them, their world did not include the possibility of interracial… Read More »

Ask a SLU Expert: Does Using FaceApp Jeopardize Your Privacy?

My name is Abbie Stylianou, I am an assistant professor of computer science at Saint Louis University. (Lightsaber Noise) FaceApp is an application for smartphone devices that takes a picture that a user uploads and transforms it in different ways so they can put glasses on your face or they can make you look older… Read More »

Service and Community Impact at SLU School of Medicine

You can kind of tell the second you walk through the front doors what a school’s priority is and the second I walk through the doors here I was like this school cares about the community. Any smart student is gonna be successful academically but the student that’s most fulfilled are those who come here… Read More »

Saint Louis University School of Medicine White Coat Ceremony

In my world being a doctor means empowering other people to be their best selves to do that physically and spiritually and mentally So many of us have spent so many years thinking about this day. They tell you got into SLU med And then this is the white coat day. I thought I could… Read More »