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The Birth of a Nation Official Trailer #1 (2016) – Nate Parker Movie HD

You’re a child of God. You got purpose. The Lord put it there… And nobody can take it away. These books are for white folks. They’re full of things your kind wouldn’t understand. You’re a special boy, Nathaniel. Study hard here. [music playing] Your slaves sure do know how to behave. Well, they’re God-fearing. One… Read More »

The Birth of a Nation Official Teaser Trailer #1 (2016) – Nate Parker Movie HD

*music* Heavenly Father we come to than you for your word and your will You listen to him and you might just make it into heaven Amen Submit yourselves to your masters with all respect Brethren I pray you sing the new song sing praise in the assembly of the righteous that the saints be… Read More »

The Jewish Passover Seder, The Last Supper and The Roman Catholic Mass

For millennia, the Jewish people have celebrated the Passover Seder— a biblically mandated meal that commemorates the emancipation of the ancient Israelites from Egyptian bondage. The Passover meal has many unique symbols, songs and rituals. The table is typically set with festive candles, a Kiddush cup, wine and matzo. On a special plate are symbolic… Read More »