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Swimming in village | my village show | village comedy

Hey, nothing like that, bro. The videos will be available. We’ll upload them soon.. Bro ,Upload videos in ‘My Village show! Didn’t see one since long time! Kanth.. Won’t you make any videos? My grandson from Dubai is asking for them. He’s wondering why the uploads are not regular. Make some. Arggh! ‘Let’s swim!’ ……please…..… Read More »

Meet Christopher, focus on the good | My Last Days

-I was a football player, or soccer. I started when I was around 4 years old, and I played quite seriously in my early teens, and I made the regional in Namibia. While at university, almost every day, I’d run over and just play five-a-side in this net. I started feeling a little uncomfortable at… Read More »

Graham started a dating site for Catholics – Londoner #296

When I retired some 15 years ago I had this little idea that there might be a value in starting a dating agency for Catholics. So we floated this little idea by just putting a couple of adverts in Catholic papers and the phone rang off the wall! I was getting comments like: “Thank God… Read More »