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Sustaining Hope In Suffering – Homily by Archbishop William (29 Oct 2019)

This life that we live is a life of suffering. This life is really one of purification with some joys, but it is not pure joy. But the point remains is, how do we overcome and look at our sufferings in a very positive way. We have a purpose. We are sons, we are daughters… Read More »

Drawing Good Out Of Evil – Homily by Archbishop William Goh (04 Nov 2019)

Very often in life, we are resentful of the situation that we are in. Ultimately resentful of God because we feel that compared to others, we are not so intelligent, we are not having good positions in life, we are not so beautiful, we are not rich enough, others have a better job than us.… Read More »

Christian Hope Is The Answer To Humanity’s Destiny – Homily by Archbishop William Goh (01 Nov 2019)

The Feast of All Saints reminds us of our ultimate vocation in life. That each one of us, there is only one vocation. It’s a vocation to be a saint. And to be a saint is our ultimate calling, not just only when we die and we go to Heaven and to be with Jesus.… Read More »

Entering By The Narrow Gate – Homily by Archbishop William Goh (30 Oct 2019)

Will I be saved? What does it mean for me? You can know lots and lots about the Church, about God, about the faith, it doesn’t mean that you will be saved. Your connection with your family, with your past, with your history, will not bring you to Heaven. It is whether you yourself are… Read More »

Receiving God’s Grace In Vain – Homily by Archbishop William Goh (23 Oct 2019)

Although all of us are baptised, not everyone has responded to the grace of God. Different people have received God’s grace differently or at different levels. Have we really received the grace of God? If you have received the grace of God, then it’s very easy. Then you know that what you have, your whole… Read More »

Prospective Discipleship – Homily by Archbishop William Goh (22 Oct 2019)

We are living in the age of despair. And this is all because sin has entered the world. Because sin is a denial of the reality of the sacredness of God. The modern person today, because of secularism, pragmatism, materialism, individualism, a person has no purpose to live beyond this life. And so some people… Read More »

The Scourge Of The Catholic Faith – Homily by Archbishop William Goh (17 Oct 2019)

Many of our Catholics, unfortunately, they are nominal Catholics. Because for most Catholics, somehow it is always in the mind of our Catholics, that salvation is by good works. Salvation is through the laws. Most Catholics are over-scrupulous about the laws of the Church, the laws in the Bible. And so at the back of… Read More »

Constructive Criticism – Homily by Archbishop William Goh (16 Oct 2019)

Every time when we see there are some things that are unjust, we want to seek for justice. But the justice of the world is never truly justice. The world’s idea of justice basically boils down to revenge. When we make judgements, very often we are presumptuous. Most of us, we are blinded by our… Read More »

Are you ashamed of the Gospel? – Homily by Archbishop William Goh (15 Oct 2019)

Many of us, we are actually ashamed of the Good News. We are afraid to proclaim the Good News to others. We are afraid to let people know that we are Catholics. We are afraid that we will be ridiculed. We prefer to compromise our faith. In trying to promote harmony, it does not mean… Read More »