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Bruin Voices #9 – Kamal Bewar

>>Hello. My name is Kamal Bewar. I work here at the Salt Lake Community College as a financial aid advisor. Today’s topic is going to be understanding and supporting unique struggle of the immigrant students at SLCC. So, the first topic is — I want to let you know, immigrants versus refugees along with the… Read More »

Community Roundtable #43 – John Prendergast & Jesse Sheets

[ Music ]>>Welcome to Community Roundtable. I’m Nick Burns from the Salt Lake Community College Division of Communication and Performing Arts. And today on the show we’re talking about human rights, peace and justice in Africa. We’re also exploring topics on refugees arriving and thriving in Utah. We’ll speak with human rights activist and best-selling… Read More »

TSA agents at S.L. International Airport stay on the job without pay

BUT CHARITABLE ORGANIZATIONS LIKE ‘CATHOLIC COMMUNITY SERVICES’ DO CARE, AND ARE STEPPING IN TO HELP. MARESHA BOSGIETER / DIRECTOR, CATHOLIC COMMUNITY SERVICES OF NORTHERN UTAH: “We have a really high concentration of federal workers here in Ogden because of the IRS and Forest Service. A lot of them are just like any other family. They… Read More »