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Reach Out Saint Rose 2018 – Community Service

Welcome to reach out Saint Rose. Today is the 23rd annual event and I’m so excited to be here, it is my favorite day of the year. We are asking students to let us know why this day matters to them and why, not only do they volunteer as students, but they come back as… Read More »

Adaptive Skiing at Double H Ranch: Community Service Award 2018

You know, it was an honor to have been recognized but I feel very blessed and honored to be a part of the program and very lucky to have it in my life. The adaptive ski program at HH is for children with varying degrees of health problems as well as children on the Autism… Read More »

Community Service – Reach Out Saint Rose 2017

This is the twenty second year for Reach out Saint Rose and it is really a fabulous opportunity for the students and the faculty and the staff of this institution to live our founding values which is serving thy neighbor and welcoming all. Being an Albany local I feel like it gives me the opportunity… Read More »