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Catholic Kids Homilies – Easter 3C – Revelation!

This is is the 3rd Sunday in Easter and we’re reading through the book of Revelation, the last book in the Bible! It’s at the end because it brings together all the stories of the Bible. The book talks about the apocalypse, the new world that is coming. So in this week’s reading, John is… Read More »

How to Choose the Right Community Service Project – Kyung Yoon

Erik: How can one make his or her community service more impactful? Kyung: I think it’s important to define impact in your mind, you know, as you’re about to go out and say, “I want to make a difference in the world. I want to be a part of change in the world.” And I… Read More »

The Wilderness Tabernacle, Herodian Temple and the Roman Catholic Mass

After fleeing Egypt, the Hebrew people spent 40 years in the desert under the leadership of Moses. During this time, a portable sanctuary was fashioned that served as a sacred place where sacrifices were offered, and where God would meet with the Israelites. Moses was given divine instruction on how this Wilderness Tabernacle was to… Read More »

Sacrifice & Atonement

we all long for the world to be good for people to live in peace act with love and justice but there’s a problem something compels us humans to constantly wreak havoc and destruction instead and we call this evil and from the Bible’s point of view, evil ruins things in at least two ways.… Read More »

The Jewish Passover Seder, The Last Supper and The Roman Catholic Mass

For millennia, the Jewish people have celebrated the Passover Seder— a biblically mandated meal that commemorates the emancipation of the ancient Israelites from Egyptian bondage. The Passover meal has many unique symbols, songs and rituals. The table is typically set with festive candles, a Kiddush cup, wine and matzo. On a special plate are symbolic… Read More »

Good Friday | Catholic Central

(somber piano music) KAI: Hi, I’m Kai for Catholic Central. So, Good Friday. It’s the day when Jesus was unjustly condemned to death, was tortured, and died on a cross. So, why on earth do we call it Good Friday? Good question. First, the name Good Friday comes from a time when English used good… Read More »

bEZ sLOGANU2 (214) Cierpienie katolikow/ (Eng subtitles) Suffering of the Catholics

Peace and good! I remember we once talked about unbelievers and their system of values. Then the argument was that the life of unbelievers is better and now the comparison of these two worlds has come back in a new question. The question was: Why do usually good people suffer? Someone described a situation when… Read More »

“Love Overflows” Rejoice in the Lord with Pastor Jeff Redlin

♪ ♪ Everyone is looking for answers. Answers to both the common and the complicated matters of life. Thankfully the real answers to all of life’s questions are found in the person of Jesus Christ. The Bible is the key that unlocks these answers, providing real solutions for this life and the life to come.… Read More »