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Has the Roman Catholic Church stepped over the line in defining how Mary mediates?

>>Dr. John Ankerberg:Let me ask you, do you think that Catholicism has stepped over the line in defining how Mary mediates, and it cannot be justified by saying other Christians are asked to proclaim the gospel and pray for their friends? Her role of mediation is completely different than ours? If there is any doubt… Read More »

In what ways does the Catholic Church consider the Pope infallible?

>>Ankerberg: I want to move this week, the infallibility of the Pope. Let’s actually take a look at this. Reading from Vatican Council which met in Rome in 1870 they said, “We teach and define that it is a dogma divinely revealed, that the Roman Pontiff, when he speaks ex cathedra, that is, when in… Read More »

Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Parish, Lewisburg – Parish Photo Tour

hi I’m Lisa Ledda from Sacred Heart Parish and I’m happy to guide you through our parish today by this photo video tour. we have a lot show you and a lot to be excited about at Sacred Heart, so let’s get started Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Church was established in Lewisburg with its first… Read More »

1962 Roman Catholic Daily Missal – Angelus Press

The 1962 Missal is a fundamental necessity for any Catholic serious about their Faith. Of the few missals available, we’ll be looking at the Angelus Press missal and it’s layout today. To start, the Ordinary of the Mass can be found in the center of the missal here. The Mass being divided into the Mass… Read More »

The Wilderness Tabernacle, Herodian Temple and the Roman Catholic Mass

After fleeing Egypt, the Hebrew people spent 40 years in the desert under the leadership of Moses. During this time, a portable sanctuary was fashioned that served as a sacred place where sacrifices were offered, and where God would meet with the Israelites. Moses was given divine instruction on how this Wilderness Tabernacle was to… Read More »