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The Internationalist Commune Of Rojava: Building An Ecological Society

LBW: As is mentioned in the book the capitalist mode of production when it comes to agriculture is really just based on kind of a you know it’s a growth model it’s like how can we maximize agricultural production how can we push that as far as possible and it doesn’t take into account the… Read More »

Open Source Ecology: Global Village Construction Set

Open Source Ecology is a network of farmers, engineers, and supporters … … that for the last two years have been building … The Global Village Construction Set – a set of the 40 Industrial Machines that it takes … … to create a small civilization with modern day comforts. The Global Village Construction set… Read More »

Revolutions 101 | National Geographic

– [Narrator] Politics are a powerful and dynamic human creation, a truth most evident in revolutions around the world. A revolution, in a political sense, is a sudden and seismic shift from one form of government to another. While revolutions come in many forms, they often share four characteristcis in varying degrees. Dissident elites, mass… Read More »

The Third Industrial Revolution: A Radical New Sharing Economy

“The value of information does not survive the moment in which it was new. It lives only at that moment; it has to surrender to it completely and explain itself to it without losing any time.” “A story is different. It does not expend itself. It preserves and concentrates its strength and is capable of… Read More »

The Catholic Church – Builder of Civilization, Episode 12: Anti-Catholic Atrocities

Today we’r e going to observe Western civilization turning against its own builders. We’r e going to look at some of the forgotten episodes of martyrdom in the modern period. So join me for stories of tragedy and her oism today on The Catholic Church: Builder of Civilization. (music) Welcome to The Catholic Church: Builder… Read More »

Martyrs for the True Faith – XXI Centuries of Catholicism

St. Peter the Apostle St. Stephen St. Paul Roman Persecutions St. Lucy St. Agatha Martys of the Crusades Martyrs of Otranto St. Thomas Becket St. Joan of Arc Martyrs of the Protestant Revolution St. Thomas More St. John Fisher Mary Stuart and Francis of Valois Cromwell’s Persecution and Irish genocide Japanese Persecutions French Revolution and… Read More »