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Sam Harris destroys Catholicism / Sam Harris verwoest het katholicisme (NL subtitles)

timekeeper are you ready begin well that was all very interesting ask yourselves what is wrong with spending eternity in hell well I’m told it’s rather hot there for one dr. Craig is not offering an alternative view of morality okay the whole point of Christianity or so it is imagined is to safeguard the… Read More »


In Spanish speaking countries such as those within Latin America, most of the people believe that Domingo is the 7th or last day of the week. However, as you will soon see, in many of these countries the majority of their calendars have Domingo on the first day, not the 7th day of the week.… Read More »

The Catholic Processional Cross and the Roman Standard

During the entrance procession, incense is carried before an acolyte who holds a long staff that bears the quintessential Christian symbol —the cross. Despite being part of the liturgy since at least the 6th century, the custom of processing while holding aloft ceremonial objects predates Christianity. Several cultures like the Egyptians, Babylonians and Greeks had… Read More »

Ave Ave Ave Maria | Immaculate Mary | Best Catholic Marian Hymn Lourdes | Blessed Virgin Mary

Immaculate, Mary! Our hearts are on fire. That title so wondrous Fills all our desire! Ave, Ave, Ave, Maria! Ave, Ave, Ave, Maria! We pray for God’s glory May His Kingdom come. We pray for His Vicar Our Father, and Rome. Ave, Ave, Ave, Maria! Ave, Ave, Ave, Maria! We pray for our Mother The… Read More »

Catholic Mass Facing East vs Facing the People

Many ancient cultures believed east to be the direction of new life… ..several temples and monuments were built to face the rising sun Jewish tradition also revered the cardinal direction. Man’s first home, Eden, was situated in the east. The tents used by the tribe of Judah during the desert wanderings were oriented eastward as… Read More »

AWIT NG ISANG ALAGAD.w/ Lyrics. FLORENTINE BAND. A.C.C. ( Cover)High Quality.

Panginoon ko ang buhay mong bigay ay minsan lang magdaraan sa’tin kaya bilang isang pag aalay ang buhay ko’y ihahandog sa’yo katulad ko’y marami ang tinawag mo katulad ko’y marami ang tinawag mo upang humayo’t maglingkod sa ngalan mo tanging hiling at lagi ng dasal maging mapalad sana’y tanggapin Turuan mong maging bukas palad At… Read More »

Father Mejia on Transcendental Meditation and Catholicism

I meditate in a very simple way …without any effort. When I learned the Transcendental Meditation technique I was very impressed. I would define it in one phrase, one word: happiness. You experience happiness and bliss when you practice the technique. For me as a Catholic priest, saying my prayers, celebrating communion, reading the Psalms,… Read More »