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History 101: The Protestant Reformation | National Geographic

– [Narrator] The Protestant Reformation of the 16th century shook the very foundation of Europe’s cultural identity. The Reformation was a revolution of religion in western Europe. Essentially, it was the result of centuries worth of political and social grievances against the Christian Church as it existed. Christianity, which began as a fledgling religion in… Read More »

Living A Life of Meaning: Roman Catholic Beliefs Explained Speaker Ken Yasinski

(slow piano music) – Getting things in the right order is pretty important if we are to make sense of them. Imagine if you’re going to read J.R.R. Tolkien’s classic, The Hobbit, but instead of reading the pages in their chronological order, you read the book just sorta randomly, selecting pages as you will. And… Read More »

Why Protestant Doctrine Is Manmade

We–now, be careful Andre–we go to Andre, who is traveling on highway 55 heading towards St. Louis. He’s listening on 94.7 FM. Andre, drive carefully; you are on with Tim Staples. Hey guys, thanks so much for taking the call, and let me first begin by saying how much I appreciate the Catholic Church. I… Read More »

Chicago Lutherans and Catholics stress peace on Reformation anniversary

(congregational singing with organ) – Here in Chicagoland, we know these needs all too well. We witness the daily impact of violence in the streets, of hopelessness in the hearts of those living in segregated neighborhoods and locked in generational poverty and a political environment that traps powerless. When we join together as brothers and… Read More »

Is the Catholic Church the Original Church?

– Back to the phone lines. Ferron listening in Piketon, Ohio, Sirius XM 131. Hi. – Hi Hank. – Thanks for taking my call. – My pleasure. – I have some Catholic friends who of course claim that they are the original Church, and that Protestants can only go back to the Reformation and Martin… Read More »

What is the difference between Catholics and Protestants?

(music) – The Roman Catholic Church has developed some distinctive doctrines over the centuries. Many times, the church was content to allow a variety of opinions, but over time, the church declared certain specific doctrines to be necessary to be believed and perhaps the most important doctrine is the doctrine of authority, the authority of… Read More »

Are Roman Catholics saved?

Are Roman Catholics Christians? They are if they have trusted in Jesus alone for the forgiveness of their sins. However, if they believe that the are saved by God’s grace and their works, then they are not saved — even if they believe their works are done by God’s grace — since they then deny… Read More »

Lost Catholic to Saved by Grace – Jacquelyn’s Testimony

My name is Jacquelyn Johnson and I’m twenty-two years old. Growing up, I always believed that there was a God. My mom would always play outside with me. In Romans one we find out that creation testifies to God and His attributes, and that’s exactly right. I remember looking at the clouds and the stars… Read More »

Catholic Counter-Reformation: Crash Course European History #9

Hi I’m John Green and this is Crash Course European History. So, last week we took a break from religion to show that amidst warfare and bitter controversy over doctrine, people were inventing and innovating and enslaving. Europeans were eating new foods, hanging out more in cities, and making advances in commerce and legal protections… Read More »