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BCCC offers many outlets for community service

I’m My-Kuz Moore. I’m a Beaufort County Early College High School student. I’ll be graduating this May, this spring, with an Associate of Arts, Associate of Science, as well as a high school diploma. I plan on attending a four-year university where i want to enter the medical field. Psychology is one of my top… Read More »

Human Services | Waubonsee Community College

[MUSIC] Human services is really about the practice of helping people, improving their quality of life. And ideally helping them address anything that’s getting in the way of that quality of life.>>So people who enter to pursue a degree in human services are doing that because they wanna at some point be able to help… Read More »

The Valley Catholic Service Experience

Valley Catholic has really given me opportunities to get involved in the community around me. Although they have a 10-hour service requirement, they encourage you to go above and beyond and find the things that you’re really passionate about. I was kind of worried about this new, big world that I was entering of high… Read More »

The Valley Catholic Learning Experience

Valley Catholic has helped me excel mainly because of all the opportunities that they’ve provided and there’s no judgment or criticism if you don’t know how to do something. It just really is helpful. My salvation history teacher Mr. Hannon has had a pretty big impact on me this year. He’s just really laid-back and… Read More »

Gussin Spiritan Division at Duquesne University

[Music] (Brandon Stewart) The summer program for me was very insightful. Because especially being able to start before the fall semester is really valuable. I was able to learn so much about Duquesne and Pittsburgh and the students, the GSD cohort, and it really just kick-started my academic and social life at Duquesne altogether. (Gabrielle… Read More »

St Thomas Aquinas – An Alpha Community

my favorite part I would say it’s really having the group meeting after the video where we can share I can hear other people if they learn it something new or how do they leave their their faith it’s it’s really we are in a community it’s not just about a teaching but we are… Read More »

Community Service Award 2014

Volunteers at Wilder really make an impact in a number of ways throughout our organization. Their dedication and their willingness to give their time day in, and, you know, day out, to the programs that they really care about and love is so appreciated by the staff and by the participants that are in the… Read More »

UW research inspires Seattle’s first LGBTQ senior center

Oh gosh, hi Tim. Good to see you! I’m Karen Fredriksen Goldsen and my focus – my scholarship is really focusing on the health and well-being of marginalized populations. I’m really excited to hear everyone’s stories. With LGBTQ older adults we found that many are experiencing very significant health disparities and social isolation. It’s mainly… Read More »