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Swimming in village | my village show | village comedy

Hey, nothing like that, bro. The videos will be available. We’ll upload them soon.. Bro ,Upload videos in ‘My Village show! Didn’t see one since long time! Kanth.. Won’t you make any videos? My grandson from Dubai is asking for them. He’s wondering why the uploads are not regular. Make some. Arggh! ‘Let’s swim!’ ……please…..… Read More »

Singles on Lovers day | valentine’s day | comedy | my village show

ha bujji!! I will come in the evening yes, sure sure baby, I will come Bujji, raju is coming, I will call you later sure, i will come, call you later bye ok miss you too baby arey,start the bike and go to mallial, go rey!!!!! down the bike , first of all down the… Read More »