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Moto Tour 2012: Et Dieu créa la moto ET le side-car (épisode 1/3)

God created the Bike and the Sidecar Very quickly on the 8th day, because God already got everything and he was bored, like Adam and his apple by the way God created the bike to break the boredom of this little world. The Bike was fabulous, the human felt good and moreover free to go… Read More »

I’m Mexican. Does that change your assumptions about me? | Vanessa Vancour | TEDxUniversityofNevada

Translator: Maria Pericleous Reviewer: Denise RQ I have lost count of the number of times someone asked me, “How come you speak such good Spanish?” Spanish speakers as well as non-Spanish speakers because I know I am not what they imagine when they think of a Latin American. My favorite way to reveal I speak… Read More »

A Christchurch Muslim community advocate says he encountered racist abuse throughout his upbringing.

Grew up in New Zealand, like every other migrant child that comes here didn’t feel like we belonged… throughout my whole life I felt that same way. Family felt the same way as well. We didn’t feel like we really belong in New Zealand society. My perspective of life has completely changed and that is… Read More »

Race in the American Catholic Imagination | Bishop George Murry, S.J.

Good evening. Good afternoon, everybody. We gave a few extra minutes grace just for people coming from our offices at 5 o’clock, and so on. My name is Thomas Groome. I have the privilege of currently serving as the director of our church in the 21st Century Center, and our Episcopal visitor program each year… Read More »

Ireland’s forgotten mixed-race child abuse victims

Our skin colour was beaten into us as nothing but pure evil. We we to be ashamed of it. We were illegitimate, our mothers were whores, our fathers were savages and we had to pay for those sins. Do you know anything at all about your parents? Basically no, it would be easier to break… Read More »