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Married priests question raises fears of Church split

Married priests question raises fears of Church split Vatican City AFP An idea to fill empty pulpits in remote locations by allowing married men to become priests is bitterly dividing a Vatican assembly, with critics warning the emotive issue could fracture the Catholic Church. The hot button topic of whether an exception can be made… Read More »

Catholic Answers Live TV | Season 1 | Episode 6

Welcome to the G.K. Chesterton Studio. I’m Cy Kellett, and I get to sit right here at this desk each weekday to host Catholic Answers Live. I’m joined by some of the best apologists, theologians, and ministers you’ll find anywhere, as they respond to caller questions about Catholic life and faith. Today, we’d like to… Read More »

What’s the Difference between Christian Denominations?

(music) – We look around, and we see that there are so many different denominations, and it is confusing when you just look at that. But there are historical reasons for why various denominations came into existence, and there are different, several different kinds of causes that resulted in that. One of the fundamental sources… Read More »

Trent Horn: Why Do You Reject Catholic Morality? – Catholic Answers Live – 04/08/19

Hello and welcome to Catholic Answers live I am cycle at your host starting another what feels like it’s just gonna be a great week with another couple of great shows for you both hours we have Trent Horne apologists extraordinaire speaker extraordinaire debater extraordinaire book writer extraordinaire you could pretty much put extraordinaire behind… Read More »

What is the difference between Catholics and Protestants?

(music) – The Roman Catholic Church has developed some distinctive doctrines over the centuries. Many times, the church was content to allow a variety of opinions, but over time, the church declared certain specific doctrines to be necessary to be believed and perhaps the most important doctrine is the doctrine of authority, the authority of… Read More »

Do Catholics Believe in Evolution?

We go to Monica now in New Orleans, Louisiana listening on Catholic Community Radio. Did you get hit there in New Orleans with all this rain Monica? I actually live in Lafitte, Louisiana, but I always say New Orleans because most people are familiar with New Orleans, but it’s just about 20 minutes away. We… Read More »

Tim Staples: Open Forum – Catholic Answers Live – 04/09/19

Hello and welcome to Catholic Answers Live I am Cy Kellet your host and it’s Tuesday and almost every time Tuesday rolling around we open it up for a couple of hours of open forum and today will be no exception what will be exceptional today both hours and I mean exceptional in the sense… Read More »

Are Catholics Christians?

(music) The question of whether Roman Catholics are Christians or not is a very natural question for Protestants to raise because of how different our views of salvation are. When Catholics say that you’re not saved by grace alone, through faith alone, it raises the question quite naturally. When Roman Catholics say according to our… Read More »