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Multilevel Interventions in Health Care Conference: Keynote address by W. Richard Scott, PhD

>>>DR. KALUZNY: Why don’t we begin. It really is a personal privilege for me to introduce Dick Scott. I’ve known, worked with him a number of years. On a very personal note, I think I first encountered the name Scott with Scott & Blau when I was a graduate student at another university, the University… Read More »

Driving to Serve: Planned Parenthood’s doors are always open

Imperial County has the 3rd largest teen birth rates in the state of California. One of the issues in Imperial County is that we do have a shortage of providers. So in order to provide services in Imperial County at our Planned Parenthood clinic, we actually have clinicians commuting from different counties. Having Planned Parenthood… Read More »

Webster Works Worldwide — Webster University’s Annual Community Service Day

Webster University has a long tradition of providing quality education to its students and has a unique commitment to public service and helping communities around the world. Through an annual campus-wide community service day, Webster Works Worldwide, the university has taken the lead in providing service learning opportunities for its students. My feeling is we… Read More »

Catholic Medical Center – Primary Care

♪ I needed to find a place where I felt that I could give the care to my patients that they deserved, and that drew us to CMC. CMC has a total of ten primary care offices. The strength of the practices being part of the hospital is that you have the advantage that we… Read More »

Catholic Medical Center – Overview

♪ Catholic Medical Center is a place where our mission is about health, hope, and healing. We have had Catholic healthcare in Manchester for over 100 years and that mission and patient-centeredness has lasted for decades. We have many specialties, over 500 physicians; we have over 2,000 employees all working together to provide the best… Read More »

Our Miss Brooks: The Bookie / Stretch Is In Love Again / The Dancer

colgate that’ll dreamed a cleaner but while you clean your teeth and help stop to think eight and blasted cream shampoo with purcell plumbers to run some of their review on this brought starring steve martin time once again one of the company that was sort of all those worlds under the direction of analysts… Read More »

AWIT NG ISANG ALAGAD.w/ Lyrics. FLORENTINE BAND. A.C.C. ( Cover)High Quality.

Panginoon ko ang buhay mong bigay ay minsan lang magdaraan sa’tin kaya bilang isang pag aalay ang buhay ko’y ihahandog sa’yo katulad ko’y marami ang tinawag mo katulad ko’y marami ang tinawag mo upang humayo’t maglingkod sa ngalan mo tanging hiling at lagi ng dasal maging mapalad sana’y tanggapin Turuan mong maging bukas palad At… Read More »

Human Population Growth – Crash Course Ecology #3

If being alive on earth was some kind of contest, humans, I think, would win it hands down. As a population of organisms, we’re the Michael Phelps of being alive, only we have like 250,000 times more gold medals. Last week, we talked about exponential growth, when a population grows at a rate proportional to… Read More »