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St Thomas Aquinas – An Alpha Community

my favorite part I would say it’s really having the group meeting after the video where we can share I can hear other people if they learn it something new or how do they leave their their faith it’s it’s really we are in a community it’s not just about a teaching but we are… Read More »

Purpose and Meaning of Life | Catholic Central

KAI: You sure this is going to work? LIBBY: Absolutely. I’ll switch this bag of sand with the Pope Francis bobble-head doll, and the door will open to reveal the greatest secret of all time. If not, we’ll be crushed by a giant boulder. KAI: Crushed by a giant boulder, world’s greatest secret. LIBBY: It’s… Read More »

St Thomas Aquinas – Preparing for Ministry to the Hispanic Community

learning Spanish takes me back to when I was in high school where I first started learning Spanish and we had a great Spanish teacher at my high school at Holy Name seminary and we also had religious sisters there from Mexico who helped us there and sometimes on Friday I would attend the mass… Read More »

Atheist vs Christian: 24 Hours Side By Side

It’s so seductive to think that there is a plan, and that somebody is watching out. But… I really do think the world would be a better place without religious belief. In life, lots of things can be true, but to not be open to the spiritual realm? Yeah, you— it just seems like you… Read More »

Be The Change – Inspirational Video

Some things is gonna happen when you look out and see what can I contribute what can I give.. I guarantee you ladies and gentlemen you are gonna have a voice that saying It’s just no uses, it’s out of our control now There will be a voice telling you that: ‘You will be wasting… Read More »