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A Prophetic Message to an Ungodly Nation (Jeremiah)

Now I told you a couple of weeks ago that we had finished the New Testament. It doesn’t mean I’ll never go back there again. I will. I have some plans to. But the natural assumption is that we’re going to take a look at the Old Testament. And I do have some plans for… Read More »

Pro-314 – Prophecy Update, 17 November 2019 (Escalation)

the Bible prophesied of a unique time on earth Israel would be returned to her land the church would turn to false doctrines technology would increase and wickedness and immorality would run rampant the time spoken of so long ago has come joined Charlie Garrett as he breaks down these events for us as they… Read More »

Strange Fire Q&A: Answering the Critics (Selected Scriptures)

PHIL: It turns out that some of our Charismatic friends and brothers are not happy with you and… JOHN: This is true. PHIL: They’ve been writing a flood of criticisms and complaints and questions about the conference and your book and I’ve collected some of those and I want to ask them to you tonight.… Read More »

Obama at Notre Dame Signifies End of Catholic Church

Welcome to Revelation Unraveled. On this program I want to talk about Barack Obama and his speech at the commencement of Notre Dame University. I believe that this has prophetic significance for the Catholic Church. Now let’s look at the Book of Revelation and see the future of the Catholic Church. In chapter 12, verse… Read More »

The Whore Of Babylon Is Not The Catholic Church

Welcome to “Revelation Unraveled”, I’m your host, William Tapley, also known as the “Third Eagle of the Apocalypse” and the “Co Prophet of the End Times”. On this program I want to talk about some areas in scripture that Satan does not want you to know about, especially in this first half of the tribulation… Read More »


Welcome to Revelation Unraveled. I’m your host William Tapley, also known as the Third Eagle of the Apocalypse and the Co Prophet of the End Times. The topic for this program is the death of the Catholic Church. In these End Times, there will be three major restraints on the AntiChrist. The first, is the… Read More »