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U.S. Bishops: The Threat Of Abortion Remains Our Preeminent Priority

– [Announcer] Next on PIJN News, Dr.Chaps reports on these important issues. – The US bishops want Catholics to vote pro-life in the next election. A judge with Planned Parenthood orders the jury to find David Daleiden guilty of trespassing. And the Trump administration tells the UN we’re not gonna support abortion. (upbeat music) –… Read More »

Is Abortion Okay Because It’s Legal?

And we go to Rich in Illinois, listening on 88.1 FM. Rich, your comment for Trent Horn. Yes sir, thanks for taking my call. I think as long as the society is what it is, that people have different addictions, drug addictions, alcohol, gambling, you know, the drugs, that these children are not going to… Read More »

When Does a Human Life Begin? (short version)

The view that we can’t know when life begins is common among those who support legal abortion. And because we can’t know, they say, this means pro-lifers shouldn’t impose their “religious belief” that life begins at conception on others by outlawing abortion. But the claim that a human being’s life begins at conception isn’t religious… Read More »

Abortion Bans Failed in the 19th Century. They’ll Also Fail in the 21st.

Over the last year, several states have passed controversial laws restricting abortion. Laws passed in Alabama and Georgia that would effectively ban the procedure are aimed at giving the nation’s high court an opportunity to reverse its controversial 1973 ruling in Roe vs. Wade. The history of criminalization pre-Roe provides a window into how abortion… Read More »

Is Contraception OK for Non-Catholics as an Alternative to Abortion?

Let’s go to Kalima in Portland, Oregon listening on Mater Dei Radio. Kalima, you’re on with Trent Horn. Hello, guys, I appreciate your show and I listen to it as often as I can. Well done. Good taste. I have a question, I guess it’s all kind of now kind of been tied as far… Read More »

Catholic Answers Live TV | Season 1 | Episode 6

Welcome to the G.K. Chesterton Studio. I’m Cy Kellett, and I get to sit right here at this desk each weekday to host Catholic Answers Live. I’m joined by some of the best apologists, theologians, and ministers you’ll find anywhere, as they respond to caller questions about Catholic life and faith. Today, we’d like to… Read More »

‘God is the ultimate’: How Trump talks about his faith

-The Bible certainly is one of, if not — I mean, it is the book. -Let’s pray together, may we? -Yes. -I believe in God. I am Christian. I’m a Protestant. I’m very proud of it — Presbyterian, to be exact. I’m Presbyterian. Boy, that’s down the middle of the road, folks, in all fairness.… Read More »

The Satanic Temple’s Fight to Protect Your Abortion Rights

[Music] we’re gonna do this now just take it right we’re gonna do drive-by gun a hundred people are coming down the sidewalk to protest okay everybody remember that we do not engage [Music] I would say that we employ radical political theater to draw attention to the absurdity of the pro-life movement The Satanic… Read More »

Trent Horn: Why Do You Reject Catholic Morality? – Catholic Answers Live – 04/08/19

Hello and welcome to Catholic Answers live I am cycle at your host starting another what feels like it’s just gonna be a great week with another couple of great shows for you both hours we have Trent Horne apologists extraordinaire speaker extraordinaire debater extraordinaire book writer extraordinaire you could pretty much put extraordinaire behind… Read More »