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10. The Elizabethan Confessional State: Conformity, Papists and Puritans

Okay. Well, as you know, in 1528 religious change had not been a significant issue in English politics. By 1558, it was in many ways the central issue and it was about to take another turn. On the 17th of November, 1558, Elizabeth I was proclaimed queen, a young woman of twenty-five, highly intelligent, well… Read More »

Do Catholics Believe in Predestination?

Abigail in College Station, Texas, listening on Red Sea Radio, you have Karlo Broussard, what’s your question? Hi, I was wondering if you could explain the Catholic view on predestination, because I was reading something written by St. Louie de Montfort, and it sounded a lot like he was saying we are predestined. Okay. This… Read More »