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St. Joseph | Catholic Central

V/O: The one man who protected the woman he loved and together they raised her son, the savior of the world. Terminator, I mean St. Joseph, action hero. (upbeat music) LIBBY: Today we’re talking about the ultimate strong and silent type, literally. Scripture doesn’t recount one word he spoke. But it does show this guy… Read More »

Have the Popes, historically, been good examples for Catholics and Protestants to follow?

>>Ankerberg: Okay, letís get a response.>>Martin: Thereís a severe fallacy in the reasoning. In order to estab¨lish what you just said, you must assume that there is a papacy with the power to do that.>>Pacwa: Yes!>>Martin: Well, I deny the assumption.>>Pacwa: Yes.>>Martin: So…>>Pacwa: Itís a fallacy only if I accept your assumption.>>Martin: Right! Right! Just… Read More »

The Trinity | Catholic Central

(waves crashing on the beach) ST. AUGUSTINE LIBBY: I think I finally understand the Trinity. Uh, what are you doing? BOY WITH SEASHELL KAI: I’m gonna pour the entire ocean into this hole. ST. AUGUSTINE LIBBY: Impossible! You can’t fit the ocean into that tiny little hole. BOY WITH SEASHELL KAI: And you can’t fit… Read More »

Why do Catholics say justification is “infused,” while Protestants say it is “imputed”?

>>Ankerberg: Now, how Catholicism says a person becomes truly righteous within is described by their word under Point #3, which is the word Infusion. By Infusion Catholicism teaches that God’s prevenient grace, or the power of Christ, is infused or placed into the sinner. When this power is given, and the sinner cooperates with this… Read More »

Symbols of Christmas | Catholic Central

KAI: Merry Christmas, Libby. LIBBY: Merry Christmas, Kai, but what does it all mean? KAI: How long have you been decorating? LIBBY: Too long. (upbeat music) KAI: Ah, Christmas. LIBBY: The season of cheer, goodwill, and spending 12 hours elbowing your way through a hoard of shoppers while listening to “I Want a Hippopotamus for… Read More »

Good Friday | Catholic Central

(somber piano music) KAI: Hi, I’m Kai for Catholic Central. So, Good Friday. It’s the day when Jesus was unjustly condemned to death, was tortured, and died on a cross. So, why on earth do we call it Good Friday? Good question. First, the name Good Friday comes from a time when English used good… Read More »

Purpose and Meaning of Life | Catholic Central

KAI: You sure this is going to work? LIBBY: Absolutely. I’ll switch this bag of sand with the Pope Francis bobble-head doll, and the door will open to reveal the greatest secret of all time. If not, we’ll be crushed by a giant boulder. KAI: Crushed by a giant boulder, world’s greatest secret. LIBBY: It’s… Read More »

How Do I Respond to a Catholic Who Believes New Age Ideas?

Claude from Facebook gives us the following question: “How can I approach someone who says she is Catholic, goes to church, and gets Communion, but she says that‘All we put in the universe gets back to us;’ and also she says that ‘We are energy;’ and also ‘We have to think positive so the good… Read More »

3 Ways God Answers Prayers (Catholic Speaker Ken Yasinski)

– Hi, guys, this is Ken Yasinski from Catholic Speaker .com. Today, let’s talk about does God hear my prayers, and does God answer my prayers? (soft instrumental music) So does God answer prayers? I think all of us are comforted with this idea that when we’re in a struggle and we have a need… Read More »

Life After Life: The Catholic View of Heaven and Hell | Catholic Central

(crickets chirping) (whooshing) KAI: Hello? (ominous music) DEATH LIBBY: It is I, Kaiser Johnson! Remember that you will be called to your judgment. KAI: What, me? Not yet! I’m young, I’m healthy, I’m in my prime, see! I can do burpees too. I’m not going to. DEATH LIBBY: For all earthly mortals, the earthly pilgrimage… Read More »